Aims and Activities

Continuous exchange of ideas, concerns, experience and expertise among Members on matters of Operational Safety and Efficiency in a non-commercial environment

DBTG, the North American Export Grain Association (NAEGA) and the Coal Export Terminal Operators Association (CETOA) participate at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other United Nations Committees through the specially-created joint venture device, the International Dry Bulk Terminals Association (IBTA). This is organised through the DBTG Secretariat.

IBTA continues to participate in the IMO Working and Correspondence Groups

IBTA is actively involved in the United Nations Global Harmonized System of the Classification of Chemicals Working and Correspondence Groups

Development of appropriate training schemes

Continuous monitoring of ship/port interface matters. Outreach to emphasise the impact of bulk carrier design on the safe operation of terminals and the need for vessels to be suitable to their operational environment

Expanding use of DBTG’s confidential Mutual Safety Exchange.

Operational and Safety Benchmarking among Members

Further development of the Group’s Bulk Carrier Handling Data Exchange

Continuing close co-operation with organizations such as CETOA, Unistock, NAEGA and the International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA), especially at intergovernmental level

Continuous drive to create the widest possible awareness of the Group’s aims and activities and to increase membership world-wide

Continuous development of the Group web site facilities and features

Development of the Group’s administrative resources to ensure continuous high levels of service to Members, to fulfil development opportunities and ensure long term sustainability