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2018 DBTG Operational and Technical Seminar and AGM

By tradition the International Dry Bulk Terminals Group organises two main meetings each year, March/April and September/October.

The Hafen Klub

The Hafen Klub is the building between and including the two green topped towers.

The Hafen Klub is a private Members facility and is the venue for the meeting.   Located on the second floor, the air-conditioned conference rooms are well equipped and offer uninterrupted views of the passing marine traffic on the Elbe as well as the Port of Hamburg. The Hafen Klub is also known for its excellent food and hospitality and is ideal for our meeting.  

The Hotel Hafen Hamburg is a maritime hotel located directly across the road from the Hafen Klub and is where we will be staying. Known as the “Pearl in the Port” it stands for tradition, maritime flair and elegance – as well as for unforgettable views of the port and the River Elbe. With nearly 400 rooms, in a variety of styles all offer the conveniences you would expect of a first-class hotel.
Hamberg Location


Further information: Julia Peckham - Conference Manager, DBTG


Since foundation DBTG has developed into a community where members freely exchange ideas and concerns, experience and expertise on issues such as operational safety and efficiency, technical analysis and innovation, environmental matters, operator training, maritime security and so on.

DBTG meetings, organised by terminal operators for terminal operators, provide a private forum for full, frank consideration of key regional and international issues confronting the industry.

To ensure privacy and to facilitate full discussion of all – sometimes sensitive – matters its meetings are open to DBTG Members and invited Guests ONLY.