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Dust emision controls improvements


“We are looking for information on control measures taken by ports around the globe to prevent dust emissions during handling / ship loading and outdoors storage of dry bulk (coal and iron).
This is an initiative to review our methods and control measures with the intention of improvement.
At Tubarão port we focus the dust control mainly on:

– Increasing on humidity by aspersion of water over the loaded conveyor belts;
– Polyethylene Conveyor belt scrapers (primary and secondary);
– All-around, 30m height, wind fences at storage areas;
– Increasing on humidity of bulk material during the handling of stock piles;
– Stock pile surfaces and traffic routes kept wet or under a crust of anionic polymer emulsion;
– Control center / surveillance camera system to identify visible emissions;

We want to Know if your facilities have different measures from those above that could be applied here to improve our dust emission control. “

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Asked on January 6, 2016 4:20 pm